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Do you ever get rly pissed because the hunger games films could’ve told such a deep story with themes that reflect our own society’s oppressive systems

but instead they whitewashed the main leads, erased their disabilities, and pretty much romanticized the violence

The degree to which THG movies play into exactly the things the story condemns will never not be staggering to me


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Recommended Malcolm X book #7: “Malcolm X: February 1965 - The Final Speeches” published by Pathfinder and edited by Steve Clark (1992)
"During the three weeks prior to his assassination on February 21, 1965, Malcolm X spoke to audiences in Britain and France and across the United States.
In the speeches and interviews in this book, Malcolm X … brings a revolutionary internationalist outlook to young civil rights protesters in Selma, Alabama … details for the first time some of the conflicts that led him to being driven out of the Nation of Islam … campaigns against anti-Black racism and anti-immigrant chauvinism … speaks out against U.S. military intervention in Africa, Vietnam, and elsewhere … champions women’s social and political equality … points a finger at cop involvement in attempts to his life … and much more.”
I have to say this-that this is a very, very important book to read towards understanding what Malcolm was about.
"Everybody loves King because King was an honest man. Even if you disagree with his tactics, even if you disagree with his strategy, you must respect the man who’s actions conforms to his words. And whether you liked it or not, he said “nonviolence;” he was in the front lines, Jack. He said, “nonviolence;” he was the first who went to jail. He said, “nonviolence;” he was the first to be whooped. Therefore, you have to respect this man even if you don’t like him. I know many who said, “Well I ain’t going for that nonviolence stuff; I ain’t into that.” “Watcha doin’?” “Nothing.” “Shut up.” You don’t criticize somebody whose doing something when you’re doing nothing."